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What is the National Farmworker Jobs Program for Seasonal Farm & Ranch Workers?
This job training / employment program is for farm, ranch, and other agricultural workers. Through training and work experiences, REO helps farm workers and their family members find year-round job opportunities, both in and out of agriculture, with the goal of helping participants increase income and improve financial security. REO staff members work closely with participants helping them determine the best ways to reach their employment and educational goals.

Who is eligible to participate in NFJP?

  • Must have seasonal farm, ranch, or other agricultural work within the past two years and meet income requirements.
  • Must be registered with the US Selective Service or be eligible for a waiver if applicable.
  • Must be a US citizen or legally authorized to work in the U.S.
  • May be a spouse or dependent of an eligible farmworker.

How do I apply for NFJP?
Schedule an intake appointment to see if you meet the eligibility requirements by calling 1-406-461-0504 to speak with an Employment & Training Specialist (ETS). At the intake meeting, the NFJP application and other required paperwork will be completed, and your work history will be verified. The ETS will work with you throughout the process and will let you know if additional information is needed.

What can I expect if I enroll in REO’s NFJP program?
You will work with your ETS to set employment goals and identify ways to reach those goals. Enrollment in a two-year school or short-term training to improve your skills is an option, as are certificate programs and work experiences. Financial literacy is a required component for all participants. Your ETS may also work with you on job applications, creating a resume or perfecting your interviewing skills.

It is a requirement that you keep in touch with your ETS every two weeks (in-person, phone, texting, emailing, etc.) and update them with your progress toward your employment/training goals.

What services are available to NFJP Participants to help them achieve their employment and educational goals:

  • Skills evaluations and financial assistance for job and skill training.
  • Application, resume, interview, and cover letter preparation.
  • Financial education including debt management and financial planning.
  • Skills for the workplace such as, interpersonal relationships, conflict management, and negotiations.
    Based on your financial need, REO can help with the cost of tuition and supplies needed for work or school. REO may also assist with the skills and tools you need to find and keep a job. The following need to be completed for financial assistance.
  • Intake assessments with an ETS that will identify your strength and growth areas.
  • An Individual Employment Plan (IEP) which will map out how to reach your goals.
  • Enrollment in school, job training program or certificate program and/or enter employment.
  • Bi-weekly contact (mail, email, phone, or face to face meetings) with an ETS.

What types of financial assistance does REO offer? Whether you are staying in agriculture, going to school for better pay, or making a career change, REO can help meet the challenges with:

  • Direct Payments – Tuition and other school costs are expensive. REO can help by making direct payments to an accredited college or certificate program on behalf of our participants.
  • On the Job Training (OJT) – Don’t want to be in a classroom? OJTs and apprenticeships are hands on training experiences. The OJT contract will outline all the skills you will learn and financial benefits of the agreement. REO assists the employer with the cost of your wages during the training period at their business.
  • Supportive Service Costs – We know items such as transportation costs, tools, or even clothing are expensive and can be essential to getting a job or staying in school. REO can help cover these costs.

What happens when I finish school or get a job?
When you finish school, you are expected to work with your ETS to find employment using your training.Once you go to work, your ETS verifies your job with your new employer and works with you to make sure your employer is happy, and you are happy with your new job. You will need to stay in touch with your ETS once a month for at least 12 months after you go to work to report your employment. The future success of our program depends on the success of our participants.

Is the NFJP right for me?
This is a question that you and an ETS can answer together. If you meet the eligibility requirements and are passionate about your employment and educational goals, then NFJP could be for you. Each person and situation are different so take time to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the program from our staff. All REO staff members will be happy to help you determine whether it is an appropriate program for your own goals.


Program financed 100% with Federal funds of $741,784 with 0% nongovernmental funds.
Equal Opportunity is the Law


Family SizeAnnual Income
For each additional person add:$7,710

Items to bring for your NFJP Application meeting

  1. Two ID’s (Specific ID’s required)
  2. One ID for each family member in the household.
  3. Any pay stubs or W2’s for the past 24 months.
  4. Federal 1040 Tax Form (single or jointly)
  5. Selective Service Registration
  6. Your work history for the past 24 months including income and employment information.
  7. A copy of your parent’s seasonal agricultural work history and taxes if you are between ages 18-24 and qualifying as a dependent of your parents.